Amazing Moths and Night Creatures – and FREE Printables!

It’s National Moth Week! Did you know that moths outnumber butterflies 9 to 1? There are so many beautiful and amazing species and they’re important nocturnal pollinators. Over the next couple of weeks the kids and I are going to be looking at the summer night sky and all of the creatures that come with…

Autumn Activities to Celebrate the Season

Fall is here! It's my very favorite season, and because of that I tend to go *slightly* overboard with all of the fall things. (Can you relate?) I put together a list of all the things the boys and I have done over the past few years, as well as some on our list for…

rocks and mineral download

Rocks and Mineral Properties – FREE Activity

Here's a little boredom buster that's sure to keep the rock-lovers happy in your house. This is a FREE Rock and Mineral Properties Activity Sheet for immediate download. My boys loved testing the rocks from their collection - I hope your kids love it, too! Rocks and Minerals - Free Download