Water Birds and Shore Birds – and a FREE Printable!

This week the kids and I are heading to a local wetland habitat to look for majestic water birds, some of the most amazing pond creatures, in my opinion. Want to study with us? Feel free to add this water birds coloring page to your week – download it for free!

We will also be using the Wetlands Birds unit study included in the Summer Journal (you can find out more about that here).

Beak Adaptation Activity

One of the activities we’ll be doing this week is this bird beak activity to show how different birds use their beaks as tools to catch food. Such a fun, hands-on way to learn about many different beaks!

Videos to Watch

Here are some great videos to check out:

Flight to Survive: Saving Whooping Cranes

Migrating With the Sandhill Cranes

Picture Books about Water Birds

On Duck Pond

Watching Water Birds

Learn more about amazing water birds in The Summer Journal, a guided nature journal and nature study curriculum with over 50 pages of illustrated field guides, journaling prompts, activities, coloring pages and more.

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  1. Thank you for this! Visited the aquarium and museum both having an abundance of different birds and my kiddos showed great interest.

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