Amazing Moths and Night Creatures – and FREE Printables!

It’s National Moth Week! Did you know that moths outnumber butterflies 9 to 1? There are so many beautiful and amazing species and they’re important nocturnal pollinators.

Over the next couple of weeks the kids and I are going to be looking at the summer night sky and all of the creatures that come with it! Here are some of the books and resources we’ll be using:

Learning About the Summer Night Sky

Have you ever come across a luna or atlas moth? How about the celestial-looking io moth? I have yet to see one of these awesome creatures, but I did very much enjoy drawing them! Here’s a fun coloring page you can share with your kiddos – download it completely for FREE here.

We will also be using the Summer Night unit study included in the Summer Journal (you can find out more about that here).

My friend Lauren @chickieandroo also has a free luna moth coloring page, you can download that one here.

Moth Viewing

*Image Source: by on the National Moth Week Facebook Page

You can easily make “moth food” by mixing equal parts sugar and fruit juice. Brush the mixture on tree trunks an hour before dusk. Keep checking the tree to see if any hungry moths visit!

You can also set up a simple moth viewing show with a clothesline and a light colored sheet. Moths navigate by moonlight and can be attracted by bright lights; hang a white sheet on a clothesline or flat surface, and direct your light toward the sheet. Wait for the moths to congregate on the sheet and enjoy the show!

Moth Videos

The National Moth Week website has a great video series called Mothing School with Dr. Carl – check it out here!

Don’t Forget about Bats!

Moths might be the star of the summer night sky show, but bats are just as important (and amazing!). Try visiting a local bat house near dusk to see these amazing creatures wake up for the night. Check near parks and nature preserves – many natural areas have bat houses, especially if there is a water source nearby.

You can also check out this free Little Brown Bat Printable on my website!

Picture Books about Moths + Night Creatures

A Luna Moth’s Life

Beauty the Luna

Learn more about amazing night creatures in The Summer Journal, a guided nature journal and nature study curriculum with over 50 pages of illustrated field guides, journaling prompts, activities, coloring pages and more.

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