Flower Pounding Craft + Wildflower Nature Study

It's wildflower season here in Colorado - my favorite time of year to hike in the mountains surrounded by color! Last week we went up to one of our favorite spots and collected the most gorgeous bouquet, including some of my favorites: chiming bells, larkspur, Indian paintbrush, lilies and geraniums. I've already pressed these beauties…

DIY Flower Sun Catcher Craft for Kids

A few weeks back, the kids and I made some simple sun catchers with the wildflowers (and weeds) we collected on some nature walks. Of course, my pockets are ALWAYS loaded with all kinds of treasures from our walks - rocks, leaves, flowers, etc. This was a fun way to turn their nature treasures into…

spring craft for kids daffodil

Easy, Budget-Friendly Spring Flower Craft

Looking for a simple and fun spring craft for kids? This one only takes a few minutes