NEW! The Arctic Journal is Here!

It’s finally getting chilly here, and the approaching winter season is the perfect time to learn about the amazing animals and ecosystem of the Arctic. 

The Arctic Journal is new in the shop, and is a beautifully detailed, engaging printable nature journal with 5 units of study, including:

  • The Northern Lights + Polar Constellations
  • Polar Ice
  • The Arctic Tundra
  • Arctic Waters
  • Arctic Birds

It includes 46 pages of hand-illustrated posters, coloring pages, anatomy pages, activities, experiments, journaling pages, a booklist and more.

Within this Arctic study, your students will:

  • make their own icebergs
  • draw the northern lights
  • play a migration game
  • grow ice spikes
  • learn about the salmon life cycle
  • perform a hands-on camouflage experiment
  • meet color-changing polar animals
  • learn about the mysterious narwhal
  • experience how blubber works
  • and more…

I’m really looking forward to diving into this one with my kids this winter – the books on the booklist alone are going to be so much fun! Keep following along as I share more about this unit and the fun, hands-on activities that go along with it.

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