rocks and mineral download

Rocks and Mineral Properties – FREE Activity

Here's a little boredom buster that's sure to keep the rock-lovers happy in your house. This is a FREE Rock and Mineral Properties Activity Sheet for immediate download. My boys loved testing the rocks from their collection - I hope your kids love it, too! Rocks and Minerals - Free Download

earth day pollution science

A Fun Science Experiment to Teach Kids About Pollution

Today is Earth Day, and we ditched our regular lessons to spend the day learning about pollution and how it affects our earth. We began with this oil spill activity that was really eye-opening, even for me! We started with a pristine-looking ocean scene which turned yucky very fast. The boys tried several times to…

spring equinox seasons

What Makes the Seasons? {Spring Equinox Science Experiment}

Have your kids ever asked you what makes the seasons? The days are finally getting longer around here and the snow is almost gone, which is making us all slightly giddy. After a long, cold winter, the spring sunshine feels GOOD. A few weeks ago, I prepared a little lesson to teach my boys about the spring…

ocean layers

Ocean Zones Hands-On Science Activity

This week in Classical Conversations (Cycle 1), we learned about the layers of the oceans, or ocean zones. This was a simple and fun activity that required minimal effort and supplies you probably already have lying around. (We got the idea from this book) First, gather 5 clear cups or jars and line them up…

Snow Science Activities for Kids

I have a little scientist. He's only 5 years old and 4 feet tall, but don't even try to tell him he's not a real live scientist. Since I took physics for fun in college (I was an advertising major), I can only guess where he gets it from. Ever since January arrived, we've basically…