Studying Sedimentary Rocks ~ A Complete Lesson Plan

If there's one thing my kids never get tired of learning about - it's rocks. We had so much fun studying sedimentary rocks last week! I love how much joy can come from such a simple element of nature. Here's a rundown of our lesson on sedimentary rocks and the books and resources we used:…

Calling All Rock Lovers – The Rocks + Minerals Journal is Here!

I don't know about you, but if there's one thing on our nature shelves that crowds out everything else - it's rocks. Years of visiting rock shops in small mountain towns, collecting small pebbles from the stream, and receiving various rock kits in the mail has resulted in quite the collection. And so of course…

rocks and mineral download

Rocks and Mineral Properties – FREE Activity

Here's a little boredom buster that's sure to keep the rock-lovers happy in your house. This is a FREE Rock and Mineral Properties Activity Sheet for immediate download. My boys loved testing the rocks from their collection - I hope your kids love it, too! Rocks and Minerals - Free Download